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We're here to help you get the professional portfolio you need to help further your career or finally break you into the industry. Specialising in complete portfolios for people interested in modelling, acting, dancing, singing and performance. If you want to get started straight away fill out the application form below or continue scrolling down to find out more!


Book in now for a photoshoot tailored around your specific needs. You'll get a 1 hour photo session with up to 3 outfit changes, different backgrounds and same day viewing. This package includes your favourite image airbrushed in a digital format in colour/black&white and as two A4 print and two 6"x4" prints. Other digital packages and prints are available on the day.  

Portfolio photoshoot - £180

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Professional Portfolios

We're dedicated to bringing you a professional portfolio production experience unlike any other. Our industry professionals got together an broke down what exactly it is that people need to get into the industry and take hold of their dreams. This is about putting together the complete package so you can put your best foot forwards and reach for your dreams.

This is more than just a quick photoshoot, this is a fully immersive experience that will result in a package that you can take away into the real world to act as the presentation for your talents. Breaking into industries such as acting, modelling, dancing and performance can be hard so its really important that you go in showing that you are confident in your ability and have taken the time to put together a comprehensive portfolio with a presence that clearly stands out from the rest.

We're here to help present you in the best light to show the world the star you really are.  

Why we're different
Our package

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There are different things that your future employer, casting agent, director or project manager will be looking for when you put forwards your portfolio, so we've created a variety of tailor packages. 

Headshots: One of the most critical components for a portfolio is a strong headshot and our aim is to provide you with a variety of shots that will be appropriate for different castings and purposes. This will show off your versatility and greatly improve your chances of getting the opportunities you're reaching for.

Photoshoot: This is your opportunity to shine, to get a collection of images that show who you are and what you can do. It's the perfect was to demonstrate how you perform in front of the camera and take direction, and don't worry we're here to help you along every step of the way. You'll get the chance to wear a selection of different outfits really showcasing different styles.

Physical profile: It's also really important that you provide a physical profile to agents and employers; so during your experience we'll be taking down some details that seem obvious but will work well with your portfolio. This includes things like height, hair and eye colour, shoe size etc.

Website: You won't always have the opportunity to initially meet face to face when presenting your portfolio, which is why we'll create a comprehensive online website of your portfolio. Then with a touch of a button you'll be able to make yourself global!

Physical Portfolio: We'll put together a physical portfolio of prints and a contact card so that you have something to take around and present to people. Nothing beats the qualities present in physical prints.

Business Cards: You'll also get some personalised business cards with your details on so you're always ready for whatever opportunities may arise.

Consultation, Advice and Contacts: We don't stop there though, these industries can be a vast and tricky place so we'll do our best to advise you on good routes to take and how to approach people in a professional manner that will help you get noticed. 

It's your future

Don't let great opportunities pass you by

If you'd like to find out more get it contact now and have a chat with one our our advisors. We'll want to find out a little about you so we can get to work right away on what's going to be right for you. Contact us on London: 020 72757601 or Bristol: 01179 414821
When calling please let us know straight away that you are interested in the Portfolio Package

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